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Come, let’s meet!

Took Place in Ankara, organized with our Turkish partner, between 11-18 February 2019.  8 Active members and volunteers from WITNESS participated.

In this global world where it is almost a global village, it is crucial to sustain national cultural heritage and pass on to the next generations. In this respect, Turkey is a country in need of protecting its cultural identity in view of globalisation. As our foreigner partners have the same worries for their next generation, this parallelism made easier to meet on common ground for the project.

The protection and transfer of ‘’Intangible Cultural Heritage’’ comprising the elements of cultural identity will contribute to avert standardisation of the diverse cultures by preserving cultural codes in this global system.

In this sense, this project is a common effort for youngster participants to understand and raise awareness of their unique ‘’Intangible Cultural Heritage’’, and respect for different cultures as well.