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Refugees Inclusion Through Sport

The youth exchange “Play with me: Refugees inclusion through games and sport” is a project that involved directly 36 young people from 6 different nations , Included 6 volunteers from Shahed. The Youth Exchange took a place in… Read More

Come, let’s meet!

Took Place in Ankara, organized with our Turkish partner, between 11-18 February 2019.  8 Active members and volunteers from WITNESS participated. In this global world where it is almost a global village, it is crucial to sustain national… Read More

Understanding of Body Language Different Cultures (MIMIK)

An Erasmus project took place in Ankara between 21.02.2019 and 02.03.2019, 6 active members from Shahed participated in the project. And the project was aiming to : -recognize different cultures & different people. -progress our different languages. -learn… Read More

Show your smiling face to the refugees

Took Place in Istanbul between 30/04/2019 to 07/05/2019, and 5 active members and volunteers from Shahed participated. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, Today, records are witnessing human migration levels reaching the highest figures in history. In… Read More

Refuge On The Child Literature

5 Participants from Shahed took part of the project in Hatay – Turkey between the 20th of July and the 25th of July. According to the UN Refugee Organization; the largest refugee movement in history has taken place… Read More

Edu-Actor for Change

This seminar brought NGOs to work on capacity building for educators from different backgrounds in order to meet together and reflect & review how to strengthen the capacities in human rights education and intercultural learning. The seminar held… Read More