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Refugees Inclusion Through Sport

The youth exchange “Play with me: Refugees inclusion through games and sport” is a project that involved directly 36 young people from 6 different nations , Included 6 volunteers from Shahed.

The Youth Exchange took a place in natural park near Padova (Italy), in the area of Colli Euganei from 22th to 30st July 2019 (Travel days excluded) Through the joint use of non formal education activities and sport the YE was aimed to promoting tolerance,

multicultural dialogues and to increase youth social  skills.

It was a real chance to challenge themselves in a beautiful and international environment  they learned how sport can be used to empower young refugees and the local community;

The programm helped the participants to develop life skills such as group dynamics, and tolerance.

it was also a chance to meet new people and friends and share thoughts, ideas and dreams; New friends, new partnership and future cooperation.