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The media program, and the center, implemented a set of projects and events aimed at promoting media adoption of the principles of human rights and gender equality, and feeding the media with content responsive to the rights of marginalized groups. Like a platform from the camp, which is an electronic media platform that expresses the economic, social and political rights of refugees in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, and Lebanon camps and tries to shed light on the needs and aspirations of refugees and break stereotypes around them in a way that enhances their opportunities to integrate their rights into the development policies. The Center also implemented the Citizen Platform project, which includes training a group of young journalists to use mobile journalism to express their opinions freely through social media.

From the Camp “Sada”

Social media platform managed by young journalist’s from Palestinian refugee camps to highlight on their Challenges and Success Stories.

Citizen Platform

Training course for 25 young refugees to enhance their journalism and media skills to raise their issues on public agenda.

Kashif- Check

Kashif- Check is a media Monitoring initiative aiming to counter rumor and Fake news. Palestinian Journalists.