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Edu-Actor for Change

This seminar brought NGOs to work on capacity building for educators from different backgrounds in order to meet together and reflect & review how to strengthen the capacities in human rights education and intercultural learning.

The seminar held in Austria-Salzburg from 7-15 June 2019. Now we are working on a project we called “Raise your voice”, it’s main objective to make youth people more confident to talk about their problems, and to ask about their rights. We will make two summer camps, and we will be about 13 countries each one will held its own camp, and at the end we the participants and some of the volunteers will have the international one.

After this seminar we have a deep knowledge on EYF and Erasmus + programs, other European and national funding opportunities and now we are able to find potential partners for application. On the other hand, we have the ability to deal with the challenges we face.