Witness Center Launches Initiative on Health Rights and Community Change in Nablus

The initiative includes various activities aimed at enhancing the capacities of youth, raising awareness about health rights, methods of community change, and conducting awareness campaigns to activate youth and women’s centers in the Old City.

As part of the initiative, the Center held a meeting with the General Union of Palestinian Women attended by Dalaal Salameh, a member of the General Secretariat. She emphasized the importance of such initiatives, praising the choice of the Old City as a starting point. Salameh added that the Union will provide all the necessary resources and support to ensure the success of this initiative, which meets the needs emerging from the local community.

Preparations for the initiative included a meeting between Witness Center and the Mayor of Nablus, Engineer Adly Yaish, to discuss cooperation mechanisms. The meeting was attended by municipal council members Samah Al-Kharouf and Ghassan Al-Masri, Public Relations Manager Rajaa Al-Taher, and Anwar Mahroum, Director of Hamdi Manko Center. Representing Witness Center were Executive Director Mr. Kayed Ma’ari and Project Coordinator Ahmed Jaroushi.

Mayor Yaish expressed the readiness of Nablus Municipality to provide all the necessary facilities to ensure the success of this project. He highlighted the availability of the required amenities in the Old City and stressed the need to complete and develop previous projects for the benefit of various community groups.

Samah Al-Kharouf emphasized the importance of involving various municipal centers in this project, utilizing their energies and activating them to enhance this joint cooperation to achieve the desired goals. She noted the municipality’s interest in such projects and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties in this regard.

Mr. Philip Venø-Jensen expressed his admiration for the Palestinian people’s determination and resilience in making a change and facing challenges that hinder their aspirations. He hoped that this project would bring about tangible change in the lives of the citizens in Nablus.

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