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Media Advocacy

Implemented a set of projects and events aimed at promoting media adoption of the principles of human rights and gender equality and feeding the media with content responsive to the  Citizen rights.

Kashif Platform

The Palestinian Platform for Fact-Checking and Media Literacy - Kashif 

 Kashif is an independent Palestinian platform established in late 2019. The platform aims to combat misinformation in the Palestinian media space, promote the principles of publishing ethics, and spread the culture of verification and critical reading of content in Palestine. It seeks to enhance citizens' participation in public life by providing access to reliable and accurate information, and to empower the capabilities of Palestinian youth to critically analyze media content.
Link: kashif.ps

Sada Palatform

Sada Platform - From the Camp

From the Camp is a digital platform that elevates the voices of refugee camp residents, promoting awareness and advocacy for their concerns. It trains young journalists in digital journalism to deliver impartial reporting on refugee camp matters.

Link: fromthecamp.com