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Our mission is to empower individuals and families through comprehensive services, and positive community impact.

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Knowledge and leadership


This includes the implementation of projects in the field for developing the capabilities of youth, women, and community activists in the field of human rights, campaigns, and leadership skills, especially in the Old City of Nablus and students of media and political science at An Najah National University, Birzeit, and Jerusalem.

Youth for Health Rights project

Experience: Implemented health awareness initiatives in the old city of Nablus.

Results: Improved health knowledge and practices among residents, leading to better community health outcomes.

Youth Right to City Project

Experience: Involved young people in municipal strategic planning.

Results: Increased youth participation in local governance, ensuring municipal plans are more responsive to youth needs.

Women Lead Project

Experience: Increased legal awareness and capacity to combat violence against women, in collaboration with Oxfam and the EU.

Results: Empowered women with legal knowledge and leadership skills, leading to greater community and institutional responsiveness to gender-based violence.

Youth Lead Peace Project

Experience: Promoted non-violence and trained peace builders.

Results: Developed a network of young peace builders and human rights activists advocating for non-violence.

Euromed Girl Power Project

Experience: Focused on combating social exclusion and unemployment among young women.

Results: Fostered young women’s creative and innovative potential, improving their participation in education and the labor market.

From Witness to Actor Project

Experience: Led a project focusing on human rights, nonviolence, and youth active participation, funded by the North-South Center- Council of Europe, based on 2250 Resolution "Youth-Peace-Security".

Result: Empowered youth to advocate for peace and security, promoting human rights and nonviolence within their communities.