Kashif Participates in Three Sessions on Fact-Checking at Point12 and Global Fact 11 Conferences in Sarajevo

The Palestinian Platform for Fact-Checking and Literacy – Kashif, concluded its participation in the Point12 Conference organized by the Zasto Ne Center and the 11th Global Fact-Checking Conference organized annually by the International Fact-Checking Network in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

Director of Kashif, Reham Abu Aita, participated as a speaker in a session titled “The Power of Truth: Being a Journalist in Palestine.” She discussed the challenges faced by fact-checkers in Palestine, especially amid the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip, particularly with the systematic targeting of journalists and the continuous disruption of communication and electricity in Gaza. During the session, a video produced by Kashif was shown about the “Pallywood” campaign, which targets Palestinians and accuses them of fabricating martyrs and injuries in Gaza. The session was moderated by Tetiana Sivegitykanin from the Zasto Ne Center, alongside colleague Khaled Al-Faqih from the Wattan Network, who spoke about the conditions of journalistic work in Palestine.

Abu Aita also spoke at the 11th Global Fact-Checking Conference in a session on fact-checking during wars. She highlighted the situation of journalists and fact-checkers in Gaza, the difficulty of accessing sources, the psychological exhaustion, and the constant fear of being targeted. She also pointed out that technology companies are blocking Palestinian content and reducing access to both local and global audiences.

In a side session of the conference on fact-checking in the Middle East and North Africa region, Abu Aita, in addition to discussing challenges, focused on Kashif’s efforts in combating misinformation and how it has adapted to new difficulties and expanded its work to reach local, Arab, and global audiences.

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